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Team-Building Challenge #5

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Team Challenge: 

Have a Launch Party!

We had a GREAT! launch party at the Whammy Bar in Maple Corner on April 16th -- the third year in a row that we've launched at the Whammy.

Last night was the best yet, because, this year we are poised and confident to make real, tangible, actual changes that will directly benefit our community as well as inspire others to join in the efforts to build Calais food resilience and sustainability.

Many of our members could not make it, which was fine.  We started out with four strong believers in Vermontivate: Jumpin Jersey, Bliss-on-the-Pond, Happiness Lady, and Catherine (who has been away, and now pledges to dive in and get started with gusto).  We agreed on our mission, which is to maintain our commitment to creating mass transit systems from Calais to Montpelier (stemming from previous Vermontivate Calais teams) and to work on food sustainability by 1) building a community root cellar and 2) planting the beginnings of a community orchard.  In addition, as part of our regular team play, we plan to plant three nut trees in the back yard of the Maple Corner Community Center -- trees that hopefully the Community Center board will pay for.

So we were upbeat and excited!  We especially missed Musical Millie, who couldn't make the trip from New Jersey but who is such a vital part of our team.

Then a brand new member walked in: Neal Neal Banana Peal, with his lovely almost-three-year-old daughter Eva.  Neal is all about community, and building community food systems, so his arrival was perfect!  Plus, he's the Tree Warden for Calais, which should also come in handy as we seek permission to plant the beginnings of an orchard on town land. 

Everyone pledged to WORK HARD -- okay, I mean, PLAY HARD!! -- to win the $1,000 so we can do these important projects.

Yay Vermontivate!! Yay Team Calais!!



I am so energized by last night's launch party!!