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Team-Building Challenge #4

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Team Challenge: 

Craft your team's mission statement.

Team Calais is determined to continue our long-term efforts to build effective mass transit systems between Calais and Montpelier (a bus route through East Calais, car pooling throughout the town, and shared electric cars and van pools on the west side of town).  These are multi-year projects.  At the same time, we will focus on building sustainable and resilient community food systems.  As team member Catherine Lowther once observed, "There is no reason Calais can't grow all our own food."  We are excited by the opportunity to start moving in that direction in a way that also enhances community by 1) building a community root cellar (which includes space to share extra food with others in need) and 2) start a community orchard, on town land, that can provide food for whoever wishes to harvest the food.  We believe both these projects are highly valuable in and of themselves, and, we believe they can have greater import by providing inspiration and tangible proof that 1) we are all in this together and 2) other citizens of Calais can also get involved, growing and sharing more food -- and, together, tackling other long range resilience and sustainability projects.