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Team Challenge: 

Schedule a presentation from VPIRG about the Carbon Pollution Tax.

Well, leave it to Musical Millie to schedule our Maple Corner VPIRG presentation from afar!

She contacted Liz Edsell at VPIRG, who offered two dates -- July 23rd and July 30th.  At our Vermontivate Happy Hour discussion last night, we chose the 23rd (despite the fact that Jumpin Jersey will be gone for a 5 week bicycle trip!) at 6:00 -- a locavore potluck, followed by Liz's presentation at the Maple Corner Community Center.

I've booked the MCCC (which hosts many, many potlucks with presentations), and Millie created a Facebook events page and also a sample email we can use.

At Happy Hour, we also discussed how to make this event more appealing.  I mean, who wants to come hear about a new tax on a lovely summer evening?? Die hards, of course, but we need to reach beyond them.  We talked about dubbing it the "Maple Syrup and Ski Protection Act" -- an idea that came up at a VPIRG presentation in East Montpelier Center in February.  We talked about working with the MCCC Program Committee and the Calais Energy Group and Calais Transportation Group to make sure we get a good turnout.

When the time comes, we will put up posters in town, post on the FPF and put a sign board in front of the MCCC.

And here's a brand new idea, one that just came to me (Ms. Moderator) this morning while drinking coffee ... when I am finished with this post I will write this on our Team Wall: I believe there were more Calais residents per capita at the Peoples' Climate March than any other town in America.  No way to quantify this, but quite a few of us from our tiny town marched for climate action that day.  The photo shows Jumpin Jersey and Random Roadie, two of the 8 or so Maple Cornerites alone in NYC on Sept. 19th. I think we could share our stories of what that was like, maybe even have a slide show/video presentation.

And/or, we could ask people to bring photos of why climate action matters to them, and invite everyone who wants to to tell their own stories.  Make it real, make it personal, make it vivid.

So we are going to do this thing, and we are going to make it compelling!

Count on it!



I'm so glad that the VPIRG presentation is going to happen. Many thanks to my teammates for the energy behind this team effort!