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Team-Building Challenge #5

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Team Challenge: 

Have a Launch Party!

ACS will hold its Vermontivate Launch Party on Friday, March 27th from 2--2:45PM in the ACS Gym.

We will hold a Nitro Ball Tournament between the staff and the students.

Afterwhich we will hold our first team meeting of the 2015 VTVT season to discuss team goals.

Thanks to Peter AuClair (our awesome gym teacher) for organizing this event!


We had our Nitro Ball VTVT Launch yesterday and it was a blast! We played six rounds of teams staff vs students and ended up with a tie! we are working on what our tie breaking event should be. We'll have to see what the team decides. All in all the first week of VTVT was a great success at ACS. Students worked hard, learned, and encouraged each other as well as new players to VTVT.