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Team Challenge: 

Plan a Hibernation Vacation!

Go through your home, office, or school, and make a list of everything which could be unplugged or put on power strips while you're away.
Don't forget anything that carries a phantom load (there's a little indicator light on even when the appliance or machine is off).
It's a great opportunity to turn off, clean out, defrost (and prop open) your fridge!
Close curtains and lower thermostats.
Turn off computers (not just leave in sleep mode).
Check out VEEP's checklist in Resources to make sure you've covered everything!


Since no one on our team is planning vacation time before the end of Vermontivate, we came up with a list of what we CAN unplug when we do!  Here is the list we came up with:
-Stove (if plug is accessible)
-Turn off/unscrew light bulb(s) in refrigerator
-Any appliances plugged in on counter

Living Room
-Wireless router and modem

-Phone charger

-Electric shaver
-Electric toothbrush

-Battery charger
-Dirt devil/small vacuum