Team Support Center

Team Clubhouses

Official Clubhouse Poster #2

A poster which can be proudly hung on a wall, window, or door of your Clubhouse.

Official Clubhouse Poster #1

A poster for the window, door, or wall of your clubhouse.

Kudos Cards

Scratchy Dave's Kudos Cards for the Individual Bonus Challenge

How To Write A Mission Statement

A few pointers for helping your team find its purpose and craft a mission statement.

How To Make A Team

How Vermontivate! teams are organized and how they work.

How To Be A Team Moderator

The basic details of being a Team Moderator

Game Poster With Blank Space

Game poster with blank space so you can write about events or include local contact information.


Selecting and making the best use of your team's clubhouse.

Ally Poster

A poster to hang at local businesses expressing their support of Vermontivate!

All About Launch Parties

How to organize and hold a great launch party.