Vermontivate's Core Operating Principles


Vermontivate's Core Principles ~ or ~

It's not whether you win or lose, but how you play and run the game!


The design and delivery of Vermontivate! is overflowing with respect for our players and their:

  • Time - One of the most precious global resources
  • Intelligence - They've got it. We get it.
  • Experience - The source of understanding.
  • Context - Unique and relevant.
  • Potential - Every single person can make a big difference.

We also have profound respect for the challenges of climate change and the realities of building sustainable systems:

  • Challenge - There are no quick fixes
  • Complexity - There are no silver bullets
  • Uncertainty - Only change is guaranteed

This We Believe

  • We believe that play is productive.
  • We believe in rewarding effort and valuing diversity of individuals and groups.
  • We believe that providing a positive emotional experience with sustainability is the critical ingredient to drive near and long term global prosperity.
  • We believe in emotional and spiritual prosperity as well as meeting peoples' physical needs with an abundance of dignity.
  • We believe in respecting the boundaries and limits of the natural systems which sustain life on this planet.