The game is open to all persons everywhere. Vermont is not just a state; it’s a state of mind.
The game is offered free to all individuals, towns, and schools.


Each player must play for a Town or School team.
Players may not change teams.
Town Teams are open to any players.
School Teams are moderated by a school team administrator.


Teams can only win if...


The game lasts for approximately 6 weeks from March 23rd, 2015 and ends on May 2nd, 2015 at 11:59PM (EST).
Vermontivate! resources, forums, team and player pages will endure to support further personal and community endeavors.




Points are earned by players and teams throughout the game and are cumulative over the duration. 

Player Points

1      point just for registering
50    points for each Moment of Play (MOP) that completing one step of 3-step gamemaster challenges
150  points for each MOP that completes "Wild Card" gamemaster challenges
75    points for when a player invites a new player that accepts the invitation and registers to play
9      points for adding a sustainability event to the calendar 
20    points for posting an account from attending an event
350  points for a MOP chosen by a gamemaster for play of the week in which the player chooses the points.
500  points for being selected by the gamemasters for player of the week in which the player chooses the points. (Updated 3/30: this point value was not previously listed) 
Keep an eye out for bonus multipliers for different actions throughout the game! (Updated 4/1)

Team Points

Keep an eye out for Bonus Team Challenges that add a little excitement and unpredictability to overall team scores.  
All players and teams will have equal opportunity to earn these points, so don't miss out! 


The team score is calculated based on the number of players on the team and the total number of points earned by the players and the team.
To learn more about how the score is calculated, check out the Team Scoring System


The winning town and school will be the ones with the highest team score based on gameplay before on 11:59pm (EST) on May 3rd.


Throughout the game, players and teams will be recognized for real-world and in-game contributions that enrich their personal or community sustainability.  Achievements are recognized through the display of a graphical icon or “badge” on player and team pages.  

Achievements can be earned and automatically awarded as a result of game-play on the website, or may be awarded through non-automatic means to highlight quality and merit as appropriate by gamemasters.


Throughout the game, prizes may be offered and awarded through a qualitative judgment of team and player activity and/or submissions.  
Prizes have no associated point values.
Awards of recognition will be determined and selected at the end of the game.


These rules are in plain language because we want them to be easy to read and understand.
But in their simplicity and straightforwardness, they are open to interpretations that may run afoul of their intent.  
Rather than ruining the rules and the website with thickets of inaccessible language and reduced freedoms, the game rules entrust players (and the game's operators) with an adherance to a kind of honor code. "The spirit of the game"
These unstated rules are ones that we all wish the world could live by: Do your best. Don’t cheat yourself or others. Mistakes and confusions will happen.They are unavoidable.Try not to let them win.  We will work with players and communities to make the rules of the game better than the rules of the day to day world.