Vermont Week - Created by Necutron


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My challenge is Vermont Week.

This is a challenge where you have to do a environmentally friendly thing each day. If a lot of people do this, then we can make a big difference. 

NOTE: Read all challenges before doing them.

Monday: Shut down your house day. This challenge is you turn off all of the things you don't need at all for that day. For example, lights, alarm clocks/clocks, computers and chargers and other things that can be unplugged. Did you know that if you leave something in the outlet, it still uses power?

Tuesday: Bike to work day. This is a day where you can bike to work/school. If you don't own a bike, you can walk also. You should always walk with another person/friend so you can be safe and be entertained.

Wednesday: No screen day. This is a day where you don't go on your phone, computer, TV, etc. Screens fry your brain, so just take a day off and give your brain a break.

Thursday: Farmers day. Go to any farmers market or healthy Vermont store and get a list of food for Friday’s challenge. All of these foods can't be processed and have to be Vermont made.

Friday: Cook out day. Prepare a Vermont dinner for family, friends and neighbors. Make a dish from the food that you bought for everyone. It will be a healthy Vermont cookout. Have fun with it.

Saturday: Outside day. This challenge is where you go outside for at least two hours. Play with your pet, play a sport, go for a run, walk, bike ride, just get outside and be alive.

Sunday: This one is not a hard one. Get together with some people that you know and share your awesome experience and your fun adventure. Tell them all the fun you had and why they should do it.