How To Vermontivate! For Schools


Welcome to Vermontivate!

We’re so glad you’ve joined us. Here’s some information about how to play as a school.

Most Important Notes

  • An adult needs to create your school team first, before the students sign up to play. That person will be the team's Moderator.

  • Schools are closed teams. This means that the Moderator needs to approve or deny team membership. Your students (and anyone else) won't be on your team until you approve them.

  • The Moderator is also responsible for filling out the team's profile page and recording responses to team challenges.

  • The Moderator can bring on other people as Co-Moderators to help out.

What Makes A Team?

Schools are a special category of team because your team could be:

  • An entire school
  • An individual class
  • An environmental club
  • An athletic team
  • A random group of interested students, teachers, administrators, staff, and parents

Feel free to sign up in whatever way works best for you. Remember, you need at least one adult to:

  • Sign up first and create the team before the students sign up.
  • Stay actively engaged with game play as the team’s Moderator (you'll be able to designate other Moderators to help share the load).

Role of the Moderator(s)

  • Approves each team member.
  • Make sure that the quality of play from each student is high (otherwise, we get students talking about their gerbils).
  • Fill out the team's profile page and write the team's responses to the Team Challenges. 

Challenging Other Teams

Some school teams like to challenge other school teams to play to boost the sense of competition. Other teams could be:

  • Classes in your school
  • Schools in your district
  • Schools around the state

The Teams page will let you compare how you’re doing compared to other schools in your league.

Other Tips

For Day Care/Kindergarten/Elementary

We’ve had teams of very young students play - and they love it. Generally what the teachers do is read over the challenges, share them with their students, and then they play collectively, adapting the challenges to suit their specific needs.

For Middle School

We’ve had very active middle school players - though they need continual oversight by teachers so they don’t go off the rails. It helps for teachers to designate specific times for students to play, talk about the challenges with their students, and help them figure out how to best respond from the Middle School perspective.

We also have...

VEEP Middle School Energy Curriculum

The Vermont Energy Education Program has created additional curriculum which will help middle school teachers integrate our energy-related challenges into their curriculum. There are activities, lessons, and other information that align with Common Core and Next Generation Science Standards, and which will allow students and teachers to turn Vermontivate! into an even richer academic experience.

For High Schools

Adult oversight is still important with high school students - particularly because students at that age tend to be drawn in a multitude of directions, and they need help staying focused.

If you need any help please don’t hesitate to contact our Community Manager Karen Mckenny