How To Make A Team


All About Teams

Teams are a great way to play Vermontivate! They give you a sense of community, support, and a chance to work with other people to achieve long-lasting, meaningful goals. 

Vermontivate! teams are divided into four Divisions:

  • Community (based on geography)
    • Towns
    • Neighborhoods
  • School
    • Whole school
    • Classes
    • Eco-Teams
  • Business
    • A business and all its employees 
      • Example: Vermont Community Foundation is going to play as a team.
    • Different locations for a business 
      • Example: Skinny Pancake is having separate teams at each of its 3 restaurants. It’s a Pancake Smackdown!
    • A department within a business
      • Example: The finance group at Vermont Energy Investment Corporation is going to play as a team.
    • A business and its customers
      • Example: Energy Co-Op of VT is inviting all its employees and customers to play.
  • Open
    • Faith groups
    • Energy Committees
    • BNI chapters
    • Bowling leagues
    • Meditation buddies

The Way Of Teams

When you land on the site, and begin playing, you’ll be invited to join or create a team. The site isn’t pre-populated with teams, so if you’re the first one from, say, your town, you get to create the team! This makes you the team's Moderator.

NOTE: If you’re a school, an adult (teacher/staff/parent) needs to be responsible for creating the team, and then approving all the other team members. 

Team Roles

OFFICIAL (we like to make sure every team has these)


  • The person who creates the team is the Moderator. The Moderator can:
    • Fill out the team’s profile.
    • Write what the team did in response to challenges.
    • In the case of schools, the Moderator also approves team membership.
    • Appoint other team members to be Co-Moderators.
  • See more about being the Moderator.

Team PR Maven

  • The Team PR Maven is someone willing to collaborate outside the regular game with Vermontivate’s PR Maven Kate Paine. If your team does something amazing, Kate will want to alert local media in your community, and she’d love your help with it.
    • Contact Kate if you'd like to be a Team PR Maven.

UNOFFICIAL (not required, but nice to have - and you can call them anything you like)


  • The Booster is your team's cheerleader and encourager, someone willing to check in with all the members of your team and see if they need any help or encouragement.


  • The Pictographer makes sure there are photos and/or video taken of each team event.


  • It’s always nice to have snacks!

Create Your Own!

  • You know what you need…