How To Be A Team Moderator


How To Be A Team Moderator

When you create a team, you are automatically your team's Moderator. As Moderator, you have access to a menu bar in the upper lefthand corner of your team's page. 

If you click the EDIT button, you'll be able to change your team's basic stats like name, photo, and clubhouse. 

The area you'll edit looks like this:

If you click the GROUP button, you'll be able manage the people in your group (this is very important for schools).

When you click ADD PEOPLE, you'll be able to make another group member a Moderator. You can have as many Moderators as you like, but you might want to stick to just 2 or 3.

When you click PEOPLE, you can manage your group members. If you're a School Team's Moderator, this is where you'll see potential team members requesting to be added to the team. You can check their status:

And add them to the group (or get rid of them if they're a giant problem).

As Moderator, you'll also be able to record your team's responses to the team challenges.

Good luck, and let us know if you need any help!