Why A Clubhouse?

The idea behind each team having a clubhouse is that it's a public place where your team can gather to meet, play, share ideas, strategize and socialize. It's also another way to make Vermontivate! visible to people who might not ordinarily hear about the game.

What Makes A Great Clubhouse

  • The management is fine with you being there.
  • It's easy to get to.
  • It has room for a group of folks to meet.
  • They're ok with people eating and drinking (no rare bookstores).

A Clubhouse Can Be

  • A cafe, bar, or restaurant
  • A bookstore
  • A library
  • A Town Hall
  • You get the idea...

How To Pick A Clubhouse

  • Chat with your team about it using the Wall on your Team Page - or in person if you have easy access to each other.
  • Choose (vote/consensus/thumb-wrestling) your top Clubhouse choice (good to have a backup or two just in case).
  • Ask the management of your top choice if it's ok with them.
  • If they say yes, ask if they'll hang an Official Clubhouse Poster in the window or on a wall. We have two to choose from!








Clubhouse Poster #1

Clubhouse Poster #2

All About Allies

Backup venues and other local business can still be brought into the Vermontivate! fold by being Allies. It means that they're willing to promote the game by hanging up this Ally Poster. Asking local businesses to join the ranks of Allies can be a great way of sharing what you're doing with your community.