All About Launch Parties


The Launch Party!

Organizing a launch party for your team is a great way to bring your team together and have some early success by working to pull off a collaborative project. Launch parties are also great for:

  • Sharing Vermontivate! with your community.
  • Bringing new members to your team.
  • Supporting a local business or non-profit.
  • Educating your community about a climate or sustainability-related issue.

Launch Party Rules

This is Vermontivate! Of course there are no rules for your launch party. But we do have a few suggestions...

Pick A Place (and also a date/time of course)

  • Could be a restaurant, cafe, community center, classroom, or someone's backyard.

Publicize It

  • Invite your friends and neighbors
  • Create a Facebook event page
  • Make a Vermontivate! calendar event
  • Post about it on Front Porch Forum
  • Hang up posters - we have a game poster with a blank space where you can write about your launch party
  • Put an event listing in your local paper
  • Send your local paper and TV station a press release
  • Call your local radio station to let them know about it

Make It Fun And/Or Meaningful

  • Have a local food potluck
  • Bring canned goods for your local foodbank
  • Have a seed swap
  • Bring laptops and iPads so you can show people what the website looks like and sign them up to join your team right then and there!
  • Dance!