Team Score Update!

You may have noticed that team some team scores have been a little... strange.... read on if you want to know the story, or jump to the bottom for the (surprise) bottom line explanation!

Once upon a time...

A funny thing happened in the early days of Vermontivate 2015:

  • Team scores looked pretty crazy with one team jumping out to a seemingly enormous lead!
  • That lead didn't seem fully explained by the number of points alone,
  • so we decided to take a close look at what was going on.

What we found:

  • the main cause was *one* team having *many* more players and pts than most other teams
  • the score system (which adjusted for team size and quality (pts/player) was too complicated

So we fixed the way team scores work (it's only day 3, so we think it's ok):

  • we made it simpler
  • now we can explain them in an easy way

How Team Scores are Calculated

  1. Add up all the points earned by players on the team
  2. Apply any team bonuses earned for completed team challenges
  3. Multiply by the ratio of how the team's pts/player compares to the average
  4. Take the cube root so that the number is smaller grows slower over time.

For Example:

Let's say that early in the game a team is made up of 10 people, who each, on average 1200 pts. That's 12,000 points.  

Then let's say that they've earned completed the Team Clubhouse challenge and have earned a 5% bonus. So know they've got 12,600 points.

Let's also say that the average number of points per player for other teams is 1000 points, that means that they are 20% above average in pts/player, so that amounts to a 20% bonus. Now they've got 15,120 points!  

To shrink that number down and make it more managable (remember it's early in the game and there are many more points, and players to come) we take the cube root, or raise it to the power of 1/3. After all that they've now got a team score of 24.7!

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Thanks for the clarification, I really appreciate it. I was wondering how the scoring worked and now the mystery is solved!