Get rid of your squeezy food pouches for free!

Until 5/15/15, Angie of Waste Less Consulting will take all brands of squeezy food pouches and their caps free of charge.  This includes but is not limited to Earth's Best, Ella's Kitchen, GoGo Squeez, local VT applesauce, and baby food squeezers. Contact Angie for more information, or visit AngieBee here on Vermontivate!

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I checked out the Angie website and found lots of items on her list that normally cannot be recycled. These include squeezy food pouches, drink pouches, cosmetics bottles, and more. I have noticed these items proliferating recently and believe that while they are convenient for users, they are just another category of waste that is unnecessary. How can we retrain ourselves to stop creating and buying these so-called convenience packaged products? I applaud Angie for coming up with ways to recycle these items, if that is what she does. She also helps people to find ways to recycle their household waste and counsels them on waste reduction. Kudos for that! We all need to think hard about what we consume and how much energy it takes to make all of that packaging that we use once and then discard.