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Announcement: Bobcat Press Release

Team Bobcat wrote a press release about their marvelous victory in the Other category! Here it is! For Immediate Release May 27, 2015 Local Team Wins Vermontivate Award Three local women competing in the online game, “Vermontivate!” have won a $1,... Read more


Northwest Earth Institute will soon release their newest discussion course book “Change Is Our Choice: Creating Climate Solutions.” The interactive ebook will be available here starting May 26.  

Action Alert: PETITION: Kick Big Energy Out of Climate Talks

Corporate Accountability International is sponsoring this petition to remove fossil fuel lobbyists from the U.N. climate talks so it's possible to create meaningful global policies free from corporate influence. To see and sign onto the petition, ... Read more

Announcement: SB Energy Prize In-It-To-Win-It Workshops!

Hello All, We have a monthly workshop series set up in South Burlington on energy related topics. All are welcome!! Here's a little list of upcoming events When:May 18, 2015 @ 6:00 pm – 7:30 pmWhere:South Burlington Community LibraryCost:FreeContact... Read more Read more

Blog: Congrats To Winning Teams!

Congratulations to the winning teams!​ All you Vermontivators played hard, did great work, and wowed us every day. We wish we could wrap you all in our furry, feathery, wooly embraces! And heartiest of congratulations to our winning teams:... Read more

Announcement: End of Game! Great job everyone!


Action Alert: Green Up Day action at the Vermont Gas pipeyard in Williston

Join Rising Tide and Just Power on Green Up Day - Saturday, May 2 at 10:30 AM - at the Vermont Gas pipeyard in Williston to green up Vermont's energy future by saying "No!" to the Vermont Gas pipeline expansion. Since 1970, Green Up Day has brought... Read more

Blog: The Little Teams That Could: Meet Bobcats and Go Green or Go Home!

The Little Teams That Could: Meet Bobcats and Go Green or Go Home! You don’t have to have a lot of players to be a Vermontivacious force for change!  Just witness the Bobcats, a 3-person team which currently has more points than any other 2015 team... Read more

Blog: Climate Writing Contest Winners!

Vermontivate! ran a climate writing contest with the Young Writer's Project and the Vermont Energy Education Program. Here are our fantastic winners! They'll be getting certificates, cash prizes, and the chance to read their work at our celebratory... Read more

Green Deal: Get rid of your squeezy food pouches for free!

Until 5/15/15, Angie of Waste Less Consulting will take all brands of squeezy food pouches and their caps free of charge.  This includes but is not limited to Earth's Best, Ella's Kitchen, GoGo Squeez, local VT applesauce, and baby food squeezers. ... Read more

Blog: If You Only Do One Challenge This Week...

Welcome to Week 6! As you're working your way through the last week of the game, you've got all kinds of activities to tackle: Setting personal and team goals (especially useful if your team wins your Division) Working on regular team challenges... Read more

Announcement: Week 5 Players And Plays Of The Week!

Congratulations to our Week 5 Players of the Week! marciagus.ccc from VT Interfaith Power and Light SAALB from Burlington Schools buffy from Montpelier Bears! See the Plays of the Week at Scratchy Dave's Corner of Kudos!


DELIVERING COLLABORATIVE POWER IN ACTION: INTRODUCING THE COLLAB PROCESS FOR CHANGE Tuesday 4/28 6:00pm to 8:00pm, Office Squared, 110 Main Street, Burlington, Round Sky Solutions Are you someone who faces the hard facts of our multiple crises and... Read more

Blog: Meet EmJacket from VCF’s Green Team Superstars!

  Code Name: EmJacket Superpower: Defiant Hope   Meet Emily Jacke: Making a Difference Through Fun, Joy, and Hope EmJacket, AKA Emily Jacke, grew up in a house with solar panels and a composting toilet. Her dad teaches permaculture, and both her... Read more

Announcement: Signups for Way2Go are open!

Sign up for the 2 week Smart Trip Challenge here! W2G runs May 4 - 15. You can even do W2G with your Vermontivate! team! Also - prizes prizes prizes!      

Announcement: Act 3 Is Open!

You can still keep doing Act 2 challenges all the way through the end of the game. And don't forget the bonus point challenges!

Announcement: Week 4 Players And Plays Of The Week!

Week 4 Plays and Players of the Week have been announced!   Players of the Week Hilly from Topsham Team Mooselover from Albany Community School Allison113 from Go Green or Go Home See all the plays at Scratchy Dave's Corner of Kudos!    

Announcement: Act 3 Starts On Earth Day, Wednesday, April 20!

Act 3 is all about setting personal and team goals. Act 3 will be visible to any player who has finished at least one challenge issue stream (Food/Energy/Transportation/Team-Building) in Act 2. NOTE: You can also keep working on your Act 1&2... Read more

Blog: Meet Musical Millie!

Code Name: Musical Millie Super Power: Writing and Editing (We don't have a photo of her, but Musical Millie likes donuts!)   How Did A First Time Player From Watchung, New Jersey Make It Near the Top of the Leader Board? It’s simple, really:... Read more

Blog: Team Calais Launch Party!

Mighty Team Calais had their launch party last night, and they took the time to video interviews with each other. Here's a great one from Happiness Lady not only talking about why she likes Vermontivate, but what they might do with the $1000 prize... Read more

Announcement: Act 3 starts soon! Is your team ready to rock the last two weeks?!?

Blog: There's Always More to Learn, And There's Always More To Do!

When you meet Jumpin’ Jersey - AKA, Jamie Moorby - you might wonder why she is such an avid Vermontivate player. After all, Jamie lives in and blogs about her tiny house (, works within walking distance of her home,... Read more

Blog: CherylSci: A Woman Of Many Hats

We here at Vermontivate love hats, which is a good thing, because Cheryl Ecklund (AKA, CherylSCI) wears a lot of them in this game!  As middle school science teacher at Albany Community School, she is a player on one of the most competitive... Read more

Blog: Meet Knit1 From Charlotte!

"To Change Everything, We Need Everyone!" That’s one of the signs at the Peoples’ Climate March said, and that’s what Vermontivate! players look like – everyone, including youngsters, brand-new players, and a 76 year-old great-grandmother from... Read more

Blog: Video Interviews!

You folks have started interviewing each other! Nicely done! And we agree there should be more schools playing. Hopefully you can help us out with that!    

Action Alert: Support Carbon Pollution Tax Legislation In The Statehouse

Starting tomorrow, April 8, lawmakers will begin hearing testimony on the Energy Indepdendent Vermont campaign for a tax on carbon pollution.  What you can do to to help:   Write a letter to the editor in support of the legislation.  Need help... Read more

Announcement: Welcome new teams: Vergennes Union HS, Vergennes Union Elementary, and RutVegas VT!

Green Deal: Get rid of your PUR brand items for free!

Until 4/20/15, Angie of Waste Less Consulting will take your PUR brand pitchers, dispensers, faucet mounts, filters, and packaging film free of charge. Contact Angie for more information, or visit AngieBee here on Vermontivate!

Announcement: School & Community Divisions Qualify for $1000 prizes!

Blog: What Winning Teams Win! (hint: more than a feeling...)

Tell us, please! Lots of folks have asked us, "Ok, we know that at the end of the game, the winning teams win something, but what exactly is it? First of all, know that during Act 3, teams will be setting all kinds of goals for themselves around... Read more

Announcement: Week 2 Prizes Awarded!

Congratulations to our Players of the Week for Week 2: Community - Jumpin Jersey Workplace - RadarTheory School - Ambulocetus  Other - Energy Lady They've all won gift certficiates for great local businesses! We also have a heap of awards for great... Read more

Announcement: Additional Middle School Energy Curriculum from VEEP!

Hey there school teams! Feeling hungry for even more Vermontivacious goodness? Our friends at the Vermont Energy Education Program have created a rich, engaging, and detailed energy curriculum to supplement our challenges. They're designed to tie... Read more

Announcement: Big Prize Announcement Coming Monday!

Did you think you were playing Vermontivate! to improve your own well-being or to have a positive impact on the fate of the world? Well, you are. But this is also a game and there are also prizes to be won! Hopefully you've seen the Players and... Read more

Blog: Warning: Vermontivate Could Change Your Life!

Patty Tashiro (fourth from left) and the mighty South Burlington Energy Committee Warning: Vermontivate Could Change Your Life! Just ask South Burlington team captain, Fruitfull Energy (AKA, Patty Tashiro).  Patty once felt the way so many of the... Read more

Announcement: New Bonus Point Challenges!

Check 'em out at the Bonus Points Paddock.

Blog: Tidying Up Sloppy Plays

While most completed challenges reflect the earnest, well-meaning play of hard-working Vermontivators seeking a playful way to make  make a big positive difference in the world, you might note a few plays that seem to miss the point, and aren't... Read more

Announcement: Week 1 Prizes Awarded!

Check out the Week 1 Players of the Week and Plays of the Week at Scratchy Dave's Corner of Kudos. You'll note some players gave away their prizes for extra points! Very Vermontivacious!

Blog: A Succession Of Small Things...

Great things do not just happen by impulse but as a succession of small things linked together!   - Vincent Van Gogh (Thanks to SAALB for sharing the quote) Hello Vermontivators! We are so moved and honored by the first week's response to... Read more

Announcement: Team Score Update!

You may have noticed that team some team scores have been a little... strange.... read on if you want to know the story, or jump to the bottom for the (surprise) bottom line explanation! Once upon a time... A funny thing happened in the early days... Read more

Green Deal: Discount Energy Audits From Energy Smart of Vermont

Energy Smart of Vermont offers $200 energy audits to Vermontivators - more than 50% off the normal cost! Audits include blower door and combustion testing and infrared imaging. EnergySmart creates a written report and proposed work scope that... Read more

Green Deal: Pizza Garden and MicroGarden Kits

Interfaith Power & Light is pleased to offer you a choice of organic, heirloom seed kits. Grow a Pizza Garden (sale price $ 17.95) with delicious tomatoes, peppers, onions, and herbs for pizza making. Plant a MicroGarden (sale price $ 14.95) ... Read more Read more

Blog: Top 5 Tips For Playing Vermontivate!

Top Five Tips! One of the great things about Vermontivate! is that there isn't really another game like it. At least we know we haven't seen anything like it! That's great for our overall sense of uniqueness and panache, but sometimes leaves... Read more

Action Alert: Call legislators about funding Low Income Weatherization.

Call the state house TODAY (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday) during business hours and leave a message for your House Representative(s) asking them to FUND LOW INCOME WEATHERIZATION. Details for how to make the call are below, as well as a few talking... Read more

Action Alert: Public Service Board Hearing on Why Vermont Gas Delayed Notification of the First Project Cost Increase and Possible Sanctions

When:  Wednesday, March 25, 2015 at 9:30 a.m. (please arrive by 9:15 a.m. to take seats)Where: Vermont Public Service Board, 112 State Street, 3rd Floor Hearing RoomDocket # and Name: #8328, Investigation into alleged violation by Vermont Gas... Read more

Blog: Our Best Launch Ever!

Vermonitvators, you astound us! Morning One. With a slightly late start, you were pressing at the gates, demanding to be let in. And when the gates swung wide, when the curtain went up, when the bright bell of beginning sounded, you marched forth... Read more

Action Alert: Items Of Timeliness And Urgency

This section is where you'll find hot-off-the-presses, wet-paint topics which politely ask for immediate attention. Maybe endangered ice cream needs your help, or someone wants to extend invitations to legislative luau's and policy-paloozas. "Action... Read more

Green Deal: Discovering Delightful Discounts

Sometimes, out of the goodness of their hearts, local businesses like to offer up special deals for Vermontivators. When we've got 'em, this is where you'll find 'em!  

Blog: As if we haven't said enough already...

Nifty stories from behind the scenes about what's going on with the game.

Announcement: Welcome - or Welcome Back!

There you are! Welcome - or Welcome Back! If you've played Vermontivate! before, you'll see a heap of new changes both on the site and with the game itself. If you haven't been here before, we're so glad you took the leap! It's been a grand... Read more