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Getting around should be Easy, Affordable, and Healthy - for everyone. Share a creative expression of what you value about these mobility rights!







In transportation, they're all the same.


Ride like there's no tomorrow,

to forget the guilt and anger and sorrow.

Walk a road to live today,

Transportation is everywhere and every way.

I could dance,

I could prance,

I could strain my voice with passion,

but nothing sends a message,

like transportation's fashion.

It walks down the runway,

it turns to give you a look, 

and that's when you say, "Hey!"

...and then the plane shook.

You stumble for your seat belt,

Oh how scared you felt,

but the plane kept crashing,

and your mind was flashing.

Even when you survive transportation,

things like this happen.

The sensation you feel as you walk on the road,

you see all the cars,

the trucks, 

and the boats,

and you are left yet to wonder,

what transportation really means.

It's easy.

You just have to look closer,

and admire every scene.