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Help your team throw a great launch party.

We already had our launch party so the alternative said to have my own. I did! After Vermontivate started I threw a personal party. Yeah just me that's weird you think. Well that's what I'm about. I'm trying to be as much as myself as I can, but off topic. As a lot of you know I watch the walking dead, well for my personal party I  watched walking dead. Then I  typed on Vermontivate and I really enjoy that. After that I told my whole family about the start of Vermontivate and asked them to play! They didn't play they said that they didn't have the time for that because they are all adults! I was telling them that a lot of people on here are adults but they still won't play! :( but the rest of the night was good so I had a nice personal party!!!!!!!!!


Nice try Jade! It is hard for adults to find a little more time in their scheudles to fit in even one more thing. But since you are working hard on VTVT and you are an amazing advocate for the environment you can tell your parents about all that you are learning and that will help the planet too. Awareness is super important....and after awhile once everyone is aware that we have to make small changes in our daily lives to protect the Earth it will just become a fact! That's the power of knowledge and social change.