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Warmup Challenge #5

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Use your everyday superhero power to generate a little hope for someone on your team.

Well -- I can see the list of my Calais teammates but I don't know anybody (or, maybe I do, but they're using Secret Code Names). So, I sent a message to our team's top point-getter, saying congratulations on how well she's doing, and asking if she/he had any tips for newbie me. And saying how excited I am to be in the game and part of the Calais team. 


Welcome VtCheddar! I am Ginny Sassaman, in Maple Corner. I can't tell from your code name who you are either?! No matter -- so very happy to have you here! I just posted info about our upcoming team meeting, where we will focus on goals and our mission, and, have a great time together! I hope you can come!!
Thanks for the note you sent! I trust you saw my reply. I don't think I said this in my reply, but I'm Jamie Moorby, I worked at the store for several years and now live on Random Road in a tiny house - no idea if I know you or not:-) But hopefully will see you at a team meat-up! I loved your mud season poem!!