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Share 5 Gratitudes/Day for 5 Days

Sorry about my bad handwriting/ spelling

1. My parents- for loving my unconditionally and for feeding my so I don't die! (Love them!)

2. My friends- for just being plain awesome, well... most of them. I'm kidding. I love them and am grateful for them for the fact that they put up with my randomness and insanity.

3. My cat!- For listening to me. This sounds weird but anyone who may have trouble trusting people or just don't like talking to people (me) then they understand this. I'm extremely grateful for the fact that my cat doesn't run away when I talk to her like a crazy person! But really, she's just very comforting to me.

4. My teachers- For teaching me and not being terrible. They're pretty cool if I may say so myself.

5. Having a roof over my head. This ties into my parents but also not. This is pretty self explanitory so I don't think I have to explain this one. 

6. (I'm sorry that I did 6) Music- for making me feel better when I'm not feeling my best.


Never apologize for being extra-grateful! It's fantastic!