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Energy Challenge #1

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Quick! Save as much energy as you can in one day. Try a 24-hour Energy Save-A-Thon.

First thing, pick a beautiful day when its sunny and warm outside.

Then, spend the day working and relaxing in the yard.  This is easy when its early spring and there is lots to be done outside.  Clean up the bike and blow up the tires.  Goto the post office and visit a friend without using any gasoline. 

Don't use the microwave, and only make quick meals on the stove.  Make sun-tea.   Call a friend in the evening instead of watching TV.  Turn on the computer only long enough to complete work, then turn it and all the peripherals off for the rest of the day.

Go to bed early after reading by the light of a compact fluorescent reading light.  The picture is of the installation of my photovoltaic system 7 yrs ago (before it was inexpensive).  So, this was a day that I sold electricity back to the grid, even though it is a small (7 kW) system.