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Have A Team Waste Reduction Challenge!

We could work on reducing our waste. Number one would be to reduce what we buy and to be conscious of the amount of packaging everything comes in. We already do this with food items---buy in bulk verses little individual packages. We need to send a message to the toy companies that the excess packaging is not acceptable. It is ridiculous how much packaging comes with a toy these days. We often try to buy used toys, which helps----but a new Lego set comes with it's weight in plastic, cardboard and paper. In our house the boxes are cherished and pictures cut out until Cheryl can't take the pile anymore and recycles the cardboard....or makes her students turn the cardboard into something new---reuse!

But everyone can do better at reusing and reducing----we think we have made huge strides with recycling  but the other two parts are even more important. We just have to make clear decisions about the product (including the packaging) before we purchase things....if everyone does this than the toy companies will have to change their practices as well. I have heard that Germany charges the companies for excess packaging---we need to do this too.