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Getting around should be Easy, Affordable, and Healthy - for everyone. Share a creative expression of what you value about these mobility rights!

Here in Burlington we're trying to be a bike-friendly community - well, some of us are.  It's not really happening, and kids ride their bikes on the sidewalks, and adults ride among 18 wheelers on South Willard Street.  We have bike lanes, but they're ignored.  I would say that biking in Burlington is not safe.  The bikepath can even be dangerous on the weekends because it's rather crowded.  But some good things are happening:  The bikepath is being expanded; the City has a plan to become more bike friendly; and the schools are putting on Walk/Roll to school events.  I am helping Local Motion put up a Pop-Up-Bikeland on South Union Street this spring.  It will be for one week with the purpose of showing the city how great it would be to have real bikelanes with barriers.  So, look for it and come ride on a temporary bike-friendly street - dates TBD.