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On May 1st, I'm helping my kids' two schools organize a Green Up day.  I've contacted teacher and parents, building crews and students, to come help green up the grounds of the schools.  This will be the 4th year that I've organized these events - we do one in the fall as well.  We'll pick up trash, rake leaves, prune bushes, fix flower beds and plant flowers in planters outside the school.  We're getting Green Up bags from the City of Burlington so that we can be part of the city's efforts to green up our spaces.  I would encourage other schools to do this - the students usually love cleaning up their playgrounds and school areas, and they really enjoy planting flowers.  We also plant sunflower seeds around fences so that when students come back after the summer they see these tall giants of sunflowers that they helped plant.  We coordinate with teachers and students to help water the plants over the summer.  Team effort.