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Team-Building Challenge #1

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Enrich your team with the gift of your kindness, wisdom or gratitude.

Hello Ecomentors:

I appreciate you Kindness when collaborating being the Ecomentors for this Vermontivate season.  Scheduling a meeting is challenging with everyone's busy schedules.  Your Kindness in being flexible and understanding on everyone's needs if appreciated and noted.  

I want to recognize you Wisdom.  You have so many varies perspectives on this playing this game, and I am learning to see outside of my own view on how this game is working.  Your Wisdom with gaming, social media, marketing, and graphic design is really helpful in giving constructive feedback to the Vermontivate folks.

I hereby want to express my Gratitude for your participating and working together.  Collaboration will bring our work far, and we will be able to give some important insights into how this games works, what could be added and how Vermontivate are meeting their goals.