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Food Challenge #4

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When it comes down to Food, modify your Mondays!

I would like to use more beans in my cooking, and I like to stay away from canned goods (unless they are home canned in glass jars).  I decided I would try to make a pot of beans one day each week, and then use them during the week as it makes sense.  I started off well enough.  I had some dried black beans.  First I sorted them to remove stones and broken or wizened beans.  I boil them in a Mexican bean pot I have, along with some garlic and peppers we have stored from last year's garden.  This takes several hours, depending on the beans, and you really have to keep track of how much water is left in the pot.  I thought I would be home a lot today but... I got involved in outdoor projects, and decided to combine a trip to the dump with a bunch of necessary Montpelier errands.  I came awfully close to burning the beans but saved them in time.  This really needs to be a project for a rainier day, I guess, or at least one when I stay home.  They are bubbling away again now, though, so it will be good to have them all week!  I think I'll investigate using a slow cooker, given how likely I typically am to get involved in multiple projects around here.