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Energy Challenge #2

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Do some creative accounting with your household energy usage!

We spend $30 - $35 dollars a month on electricity, but it supports two households.  (The other is Jumpin' Jersey.)  I think the key to keeping our bill low is keeping usage down.  We are very careful with use of lights, have no television, use entirely efficient lightbulbs and appliances.  In our camper, which we live in 3-5 months a year, we rely on solar power.  (See photo of solar panel that provides everything we need.)  This allows us to camp in wilderness areas that don't have any services like power, water and sewer.  In terms of heat, we cut firewood on our land, move and stack it, and then burn it - so it heats us three times!  :-)  We have a backup propane stove but we almost never use it.  Certainly not if we are there.  When we are gone, either some one else is staying in our house or we drain the plumbing and it doesn't use energy.