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Quick! Save as much energy as you can in one day. Try a 24-hour Energy Save-A-Thon.

My husband and I just got back from a two week trip to North Carolina.  While we were there, we relied entirely on solar power in our camper.  We did not once plug into the grid!  We have learned to be very conscious of using energy.  All our lights are LED, and each is turned on just for a specific purpose, and then turned off.  We are also extremely careful of using water, as once we use up what we carry, we have to move the camper (burn gas!) and find a place to get more.  Since we get to a free wilderness camping spot and stay there until we have to move (moving burns energy), we have learned to conserve so we can go 2 weeks without moving the camper.  It's fun!


Love it, Random Roadie!