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Transportation Challenge #3

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Discover your opportunities for Hybrid Transportation. Hint: We don't mean get a Prius.

Travel Categories: Ranked Easiest to Hardest
1. Social & Recreational
2. Daily Commute  (to work, school, etc.)
3. Shopping (groceries etc.)
4. Personal or Family Business

For Recreational, it seems like a no-brainer to walk, run or bike, especially if there is no set destination or time constraint.

But for Daily Commuting, I can also find friends that commute downtown around the same time and arrange a carpool.  Alternatively, I sometimes like to bring a bike in my car when the weather is nice.  Then I can park much farther from work, drive less, more easily find parking and get some exercise while I commute.

For tips on commuting by bike, go here: http://www.commutebybike.com/cats/commuting-101/