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Do some creative accounting with your household energy usage!

"It takes a pound of coal just to keep your TV on for the evening." - http://www.good.is/

Here's a neat one minute animation about our country's coal consumption.  It's a few years old but still relevant.

And here's how Vermont is doing in terms of energy consumption:

+ Vermont had the second-lowest per capita natural gas consumption of all states in 2012.
+ Nuclear power accounted for 70% of the electricity generated within Vermont in 2013, a higher share than any other state.
+ In 2013, 20% of Vermont’s net electricity generation was produced from conventional hydroelectric power.
+ Vermont has a voluntary goal of generating 25% of electricity consumed in the state from renewable energy resources by 2017; the resources must have begun operating after 2004.
+ In 2011, Vermont had the lowest carbon dioxide emissions from electricity generation among the 50 states.

The future of energy in VT looks promising.