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Open up about your food "guilty pleasure." But don't feel guilty! It's ok. No one's perfect!

Well I don't mean to push along the steryotype that all games love Doritos and Mountain Dewe, but sadly Doritos are my guilty junk-food love. Though I can't stand Mountain Dew. I call it liizard pee for a reason. I had first been introduced to them when I was 8 and I was at a party with my Grammy and there were chips there. I didn't really know what Doritos were at the time, but since my friends hated them, I thought they were disgusting. But nevertheless, I decided to try a chip or two. Best. Thing. Ever. And now that they at least have Cool Ranch Doritos at my school, I have finally become happy. And I am so sorry for anyone who has to see the picture for this but, chocolate chip cookies...