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Take A Celebratory Earth Day Bike Ride

I took a walk around beautiful Watchung Lake.

The weather forecast called for scattered showers, but this morning is absolutely glorious!   In fact, my Earth Day walk around Watchung Lake was an absolute feast for the senses.  The air was cool and clean, the sun was warm on my cheeks.  The geese were honking, the birds were chirping and cooing, the water was rushing over the spillway.  There was a smell of moist, waking-up spring-time earth.  I sniffed the blossoms; perhaps it's too early because their aromas were quite faint, except for one cherry - that was intoxicating!  (I spotted some skunk cabbage; I did not clamber through the undergrowth to break off a piece and sniff.)

Best of all were the sights: forsythia in bloom, daffodils, a purple hyacinth, one dandelion, apple and cherry trees starting to bloom, a magnolia in full blooming glory, the sun sparkling on the water, a beautiful blue sky.   It was a riot of green and blue and pink and white and yellow.

What a beautiful Earth Day!