Transportation points

Transportation Challenge #6

Challenge Complete


Mission Possible: Pull off a regular trip with less driving. Hint: Use your new Hybrid Transportation know-how!

Yay!  The perfect opportunity arose today for me to do my first hybrid trip.  I had to get copies made at Staples (see note below about that!) and, while I was waiting for the job to finish, there was time for me to go to Home Depot for my LED light bulbs (for my Above & Beyond Challenge). Most people would have moved the car, but I pulled my scooter out of the trunk (which I had put there for Transportation Challenge #5) and I scooted over to Home Depot.  It's a beautiful, mild, sunshiny day here in NJ, and riding my scooter was jsut delightful.

I'm looking forward to many more hybrid trips using my scooter.  Thanks, Vermontivate, for giving me the idea and heping me use less fossil fuel!


NOTE:  Sigh.  The HS history teacher assigned 40 teams of students to prepare study guides for the upcoming AP tests - each team took a different topic.  He's requiring paper copies of each team's study guide to be distributed to the other teams.  Yes, my hubby pointed out what a waste of paper this is and planted a seed - we're hoping that next year there will be a mechanism through which the students can share their work online.