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Food Challenge #6

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Have a local meal with friends. Play by the rules!

Well, having started been inspired to grow my own basil by Food CHallenge #2, I wanted my menu for my friend to incude basil.  I decided on a tomato mushroom basil frittata.  I had hped to get the eggs from the farm 1/2 mile from home, but they didn;t have any.  There are no farmers' markets at this time of year, so I figured that the farm store was the next best thing.  I went to Bardy Farms, where I found organic eggs.  I made the frittata and a garden salad, using as many organic ingredients as I could.  I served uot lunch with homemade iced tea.

The frittata and salad complemented each other well; the iced tea made everything feel summery.

I hadn't seen my frined in a long, long time, so we ate and caught up.  It was lovely.

Oh, I wasn't following a recipe, so I found that I had chopped up way too much tomato and mushroom, so I threw another frittata in the oven, which I'll serve for my husband for supper.