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Make naturally dyed Easter Eggs!

Being the scientist that I am (not to mention always looking for a short cut!), I decided that, instead of following the instructions, I would conduct an experiment.  What would happen, I wondered, if I combined the steps of boiling the dye matter with cooking the eggs?  If this worked, it would be an energy-saving technique!

I put eggs, cold water, vinegar, and Red Zinger tea bags into a pot on the stove, brought it to a boil, and let it simmer.  I was concerned that boiling the vinegar might create a strong vinegar aroma in the kitchen, but it didn't.  After 15 minutes of simmering, I took the eggs and dye off the burner.  No change in color at all!  Oh, well, I figured, at least I can have egg salad for lunch.  I drained the eggs and plunged them into cold water.  To my surprise, THAT'S when they changed color - to a mottled light grey-brown. 

OK, the first batch came out not very pretty - interesting, but not pretty.  Was I deterred then?  No! I was fascinated!  I decided to try the same experiment with beets.  Again I put eggs, cold water, and vinegar into a pot.  This time I added the beet juice drained off a can of beets.  Brought it to a boil; let it simmer 15 minutes.  Results: a very slight change in color to a pale, pale pink.

Conclusion: The shortcut doesn't work!  At least not with Red Zinger or beet juice from a can.

Below are the nice egg salad and chilled beets I'm going to have for lunch!



Still in the mood to experiment, I put the beet slices on my egg salad sandwich. Surprisingly pleasing!