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Shorter Shower Challenge

I timed a regular shower - 6 1/4 minutes.

Not convinced that the order of washing the same numer of square inches in the same arrangement (torso, arms,legs) would make a significant difference in the timing, I opted to take a Navy shower.  The whole shower took under 3 minutes.  I ran the water for about 1 minute.

For someone wanting to bathe quickly, I recommend a Navy shower.  It's a no brainer.


You beat me! My Navy shower still took just over 2 minutes!
I've been thinking about this challenge. If the goal is to save water, then perhaps the best way to bathe is a sponge bath.
YEP! Since I have no running water at my house, I often take a sponge bath between real showers. I figure I use about a quart of water heated on the stove for a fairly thorough sponge bath, sometimes just a pint for a quick wash up.