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Help us spiff up Button-Up Day.


Get Bernie Sanders come to notoriously cold Bloomfield, Vermont, where, according to http://www.weather.gov/media/btv/climo/extremes/extremetemps.pdf , the lowest temp recorded in Vermont was -50 Farenheit on December 30th, 1933.

Ask everybody to show up in button-up sweaters and jackets (no zippers!) in Bloomfield, and Bernie talks about Button-Up Day.  Maybe you can get some donated hot chocolate donated to hand out.  

And somebody (a local singer with a high school band) performs "Button up Your Overcoat."  

Or maybe you run a little talent contest - for the best rendition of "Button up Your Overcoat?"  

Most important: Get the media there!  (That's the whole point of the event!  But you knew that.)  8-)


Oh now THAT is a fantastic idea!
Glad you like it, Jersey Jill. 8-)
Wait! Even better! Instead of a contest for the best rendition of "Button up Your Overcoat," it's a contest for the best lyrics to the tune of "Button up Your Overcoat" - like "Button up You Home Today, ...." and a rendition, of course.