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Transportation Challenge #6

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Mission Possible: Pull off a regular trip with less driving. Hint: Use your new Hybrid Transportation know-how!

I'm trying to dump my car for May. I don't use my 10 plus year old Prius much--opting to walk or bike (having elected to live in Middlebury's downtown walkable community), but when I do drive my car I always ask--is there anyone else who can go with me (carpool), is there any way I can combine tasks to eliminate number of trips or delay them till next month? I will drive my hybrid car to the May 2 Bike Swap & Clinic to deliver supplies, display materials, safety fair props, etc for the Bike Swap & Clinic we've organized. I'll use it again on May 3 to carpool people to a long planned event in East Dorset. After that, I hope I can keep my car parked for rest of month. This takes planning for extra time and anticipating weather. I plan to visit my mother in northern NJ in last days of May and will have to consider if I have enough time to use mass transit, which I've done once. I took ACTR bus at 5:45 am to Rutland and waited for train to Penn Station, walked and used subway to bus terminal and took bus to NJ where my sister picked me up. It's doable but costs more  and takes what I never seem to have enough of--TIME!


It sounds like you have a car that you don't use much. It costs so much to keep a car, insurance, maintenance, registration, fuel, accidents, tickets, driving, and time... That it might not be worth it to keep a car that isn't pulling weight in your life. I gave up my car many years ago and it has been such an Unburdening. Then we made the decision to let the BMW go too, so that Ross and I are down to just the Truck, which I use sometimes but share no ownership in. I like not owning a car. I wonder how having a community owned car could work? I've also used zip car which I would recommend! You pick up a nice Prius at the college and pay by the ride.