Energy points

Energy Challenge #4

Challenge Complete


Energy treasure everywhere! Go on a hunt with a friend to find their home's energy treasures!

I've completed TONS of home energy visits and continue to make myself available for them. I love doing them. I have a little black home energy visit tote filled with props and info. We complete a worksheet, walk through the home, do some simple improvements together. I've installed water aerators, low flow shower heads, electric outlet covers, pipe insulation on hot water pipes, mortite rope around windows, plastic window kits, moved furniture to improve heat flow, checked fireplaces. Oh, did i mention that out of this I got certified as an energy auditor. My certification has lapsed but i continue to teach everything I learned. People are really grateful. I'm very gentle and acknowledging of any thing that's working well in the house and their interest in improving. they always apologize for the mess, especially in their attics and basements. Yes, I've ceiled attic hatches--one of my favorite measures. Anyway, I don't see the mess. I just see opportunity and speak from that. I do see that one of the biggest obstacles for people is their clutter. they're overwhelmed by their stuff. I've thought someone should really partner with contractors and energy auditors to be 'Clutter Clearers." Maybe me!