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I installed a solar hot water heater in 2011. I did this because i learned that heating water is one of th biggest energy hogs in our home after heating the rooms. Each May I've been able to turn off my oil boiler and use the sun to heat water until Oct. It's always fun to see how early I can turn off the boiler and how long I can keep it off going into the fall. I tried turning it off in April and it worked except for two days where we needed a flash of heat from the oil boiler. We had to pay attention to taking showers and washing dishes when the sun had done the work of heating water by end of day. We don't use hot water for washing clothes. My solar hot water heater is so powerful that I have to work to use hot water in summer months. It's at that time that i wish i had a dump zone like a hot tub or pool but that ain't ever happening with lakes and rivers nearby!