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Think big! Tell the story of how you could get your life to 90% clean energy consumption.

Back in 2010, Transition Town Charlotte received a grant from Efficiency Vermont in order to train volunteers to do "energy visits."  I coordinated those visits.  We had 32 volunteers, who worked in pairs and completed 70 visits.  The goal of that program was to encourage home owners to have complete energy audits and to implement their suggestions.  My husband and I did just that; the auditor said our home was one of the tightest he had encountered.  And we followed through with all of his recommendations:  adding insulation to our basement and attic.  In the meantime, we replaced all of our light bulbs and added smart power strips.  Since then we have added a solar panel, a solar hot water heater, and a cold-climate heat pump.  I've put pictures of those in some of my previous challenges.  We don't have an elecric car, but we do drive a Prius hybrid.