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Team-Building Challenge #1

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Enrich your team with the gift of your kindness, wisdom or gratitude.

I wrote the following on my team wall because the people on the team are awesome!

Hello team: Thank you all for playing on the South Burlington Energy Prize team. When we started the SBEP over a year ago, we knew we were embarking on an exciting, challenging, impactful project. But I had no idea how many people would step up to the plate and commit their time, knowledge, and experience to make it a success. We are almost a quarter of the way through the semifinal round, and already amazing changes are happening. People are conserving energy at home and school, investing in energy efficiency, going solar, sharing their successes with friends and neighbors, and volunteering for the SBEP. The municipality is investing in solar energy and efficiency. And we are having fun with another year of Vermontivate. Cheers to a great team!