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Take A Celebratory Earth Day Bike Ride

Well I'm at work today so I couldn't get out to bike, or even walk as I'm a live in caregiver, but I did celebrate earth day by bringing my clients to celebrate with my at the hunger mountain coop earth day celebration.  Together we found 4 books to donate to the book swap (2 of mine and 2 of theirs) and headed to town.  At the coop we did our grocery shopping, sampled blue cheese and chocolate (separately!!) and walked through the book swap. Here's a picture of Betty dropping off our books!  We also picked out three to bring home and read.

at the coop we saw HappinessLady, better late than never, and a bazillion other people I knew, what a community event!  I also networked with a woman from the vnrc about coming to speak in maple corner about carbon taxes! Great day!  

I also got to meet Jasper, what a pleasure!


Wish I could have been there!
It was awesome how many great people I ran into there! Wish you could have too:-)
Hi Jumpin Jersey!
Hi Jasper, it was nice to meet you today, I always really enjoy reading your plays!