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Make naturally dyed Easter Eggs!

This challenge keeps popping up as its one of the very few I for some reason kept skipping over.  But as I prepared to crack open a few eggs I got today at VT compost while buying compost, I decided to give it a shot.  Instead of cracking them open, I took a needle and punctured each end.  I haven't blown eggs in many many years, and the first one I managed to crumble! But the next three I emptied out successfully.  Sadly many of the ingredients for this I'd usually have on hand I'm out of, so sad! So I had to get a little creative!  

Here are the two successful dyes, one using blueberries and the other using gross pink cake decorating sugar that's been collecting dust in my spice cabinet for many many years!  Can't wait to try again next year (maybe actually before Easter!) when I'm a little more prepared and can be a bit more creative 


Love it! Your eggs came out much prettier than mine did.
Love it!! and that you posted right till the very last moment!! xoxoxoo :)