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Help us spiff up Button-Up Day.

I think Button Up Day is a great idea.  I had never heard of it, but would love to be reminded of it come fall and participate!  I know I have a few windows in my house that don't yet have storms and need them.  It's been on my list, but if I had a Vermontivate style game for which I'd earn points for having custom storms made, I'd probably be quicker to get around to it!  When Happiness Lady interviewed me for the blog last week, one of the things we talked about was the idea of a few Vermontivate sessions throughout the year.  Could there be Spring and Fall segments for which you can set goals for the summer (or winter) and earn extra bonus points for following through them?  I really think that 6 weeks is too short for Vermontivate.  While it is adequate for the personal challenges, getting communities (or other teams) to actually accomplish a whole lot is hard.  I know last year, Calais had a million great ideas but lost steam as soon as the game ended.  Having a ButtonUp day themed fall session, for which points could be earned for following through on Spring Vermontivate Goals, could really boost ButtonUp day participation.

Another idea I keep bouncing around would be around prizes and or business sponsors in the form of coupons.  What if you could get a hardware store to create a ButtonUp Day specific coupon for say, foam in a can or the kind of plastic designed to go over windows?  I think this would be a great way to raise awareness (the stores could advertize for Button Up Day and vice versa.  Having a concrete way to save money on home energy upgrades could reall entice a whole new community of participants.

Expanding this idea to Vermontivate, what if you did the same?  I could see approaching a store like Aubuchauns with locations all over the state, to offer a buy one get one 50% off coupon for LED lightbulbs for example.... Might be a great way to network with businesses and grow the game!


Great ideas! Just fantastic!