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Try Out The Vermont Week Challenge!

We did parts of this during vacation week.

The first Saturday was our shut down day---we used very little electricity that day and spent most of the day outside with a bunch of friends.

We also bought local foods from the Co-op and had a BBQ with Buffy and her family.

Mom showed her VTVT and got her on our team---she's doing a great job!

Don't remember Sunday...

So on Monday we had a take it easy day---rested around the house---it was a little gray and cold--so a good day to rest and then we went for a walk to get fresh, cold air. No screen time for me on this day.

Tuesday we visited with a friend and went out to a movie.

Weds. we walked to the Co-Op and celebrated Earth Day and then had snacks and playdate with a friend.

Thurs. we used very little power and went to the Ocean.

Friday Only a little power was used at our house because we were gone.

Saturday we walked all over Montpelier, and had our outside time on the common with a friend. We also went on a bike ride!

Today we are planning another bike ride and then a dinner at a local downtown restuarant---we will walk for that.

We did parts of the Vermont week challenge---we tried our best.