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Meditate 5 minutes/day for 5 days.

Mommy and I will try this while we are on vacation. We take deep breaths and relax. They taught me how to do this a little at UES. The teachers said that when you get frustrated or are too getting loud to take three deep breaths. Sometimes I use it at school when my friends are not listening. Sometimes I use it at mommy when she's getting grumpy with me for not listening to her. Once I told mommy to take three deep breaths...she thought that was funny.

I think five minutes is longer than 3 deep breaths. I wonder how many deep breaths we will get in five minutes....maybe 1,000!

I'll let you know.


I really have been breathing and focusing...not sure it's really meditating. Actually I use it when I need to calm my body. I had to do it two times when we went to the ocean. I have a lot of energy but I am learning how to control it....it's hard work.