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Share 5 Gratitudes/Day for 5 Days

Friday: I am thankful for: my Mom, Dad, Abbey-cat, Grandma W., Grandma Susan, and all of my friends

Saturday: I am thankful for: playing with my toys, Vermontivate, building things with Legos, soccer, and my cousins

Sunday: I am thankful for: the sky, the sun, grass, the planet Earth, and birds

Monday: I am thankful for: the black and white cat who visits me, the twins on my street, my teacher, Mrs. Mello, Gavin, and people who do nice things

Tuesday: I am thankful for Emily (my dog who died), living in Montpelier, reading books, my house, snakes, all of the animals, lemon bread, burritos, basil, ice cream, love and laughing too