Transportation points

Transportation Challenge #6

Challenge Complete


Mission Possible: Pull off a regular trip with less driving. Hint: Use your new Hybrid Transportation know-how!

Today were going to pick up mommie's car at VT Tire. We are walking over to pick it up eventhough it is raining. Mommy just got the snow tires changed to summer tires. We will wear our rain coats---mommy and me like to walk in the rain it's like an adventure.

I also talked to my twin neighbors yesterday and we decided to create our walk to school train. We will add as many kids as we can! My mommy is sad because she just got a new teaching job for next year and now won't be able to walk us to school at all. Maybe we can make a deal with her new boss. But daddy get's to help and he is happy.

We are planning to ride our bikes on Bike to School Day. I need more practice because yesterday I crashed into a tree. It really hurt. Mommy says I shouldn't hurt trees...she's right...the tree didn't do anything it was all my fault.